Crowns and Bridges

We offer dental crowns and bridges services in Markham and Scarborough areas – prosthetic devices that look like your natural teeth and that offer a more realistic solution to tooth loss. All of our dental prosthetics are constructed of the latest, lightest and most natural-looking materials in dentistry today. You can rest assured that if you are missing one or more teeth, Sun Dental Care will provide you with quality mouth repair.

Dental Crowns

A crown may be used to ‘cap’ or cover a damaged tooth and to improve its strength and appearance. Our dental crowns are constructed of porcelain or ceramic and are matched to the color of your already existing teeth. While durable and long-lasting, they oftentimes need to be replaced every few years.

For broken or fractured teeth, decayed teeth or for mouth repair due to tooth loss, we urge you to call Sun Dental Care today. Dr. Prasad uses the latest dental treatments in order to help all of his patients achieve optimum oral health.

Dental crowns last between 5 and 15 years. The life span of a crown depends on the amount of wear and tear the crown is exposed to, how well you follow good oral hygiene practices, and your personal mouth-related habits. Grinding or clenching your teeth, chewing ice, biting your fingernails and using your teeth to hold objects should be avoided.


For persons who have lost one or more teeth, our goal is to restore your smile, maintain your facial shape and fill the spaces left behind so that no teeth-crowding takes place. Bridges use your remaining teeth as anchors and fill the gaps left behind by missing teeth with artificial teeth that look just like the real thing.

We use high-grade porcelain artificial teeth that are color-matched to your natural teeth.